Requirement Checklist!
  • Have the Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints been listed completely and documented clearly?
  • Are they still valid for the project?
  • Are the business requirements numbered uniquely and named for traceability purposes?
  • Have the legal requirements been identified and documented?
  • Are the business requirements grouped and arranged in a logical manner?
  • Have the business rules (regarding validation and/or calculation) been defined correctly, completely and clearly?
  • Are the business requirements mapped correctly to business rules as applicable?
  • Is each requirement relevant to the defined problem and its solution? Is there any redundancy in the requirements?
  • Regarding business rules, are they noted in simple language, understandable by everybody?
  • Do the business rules cover both industry-specific and company-specific information?
  • When a business event is documented, does it include a unique ID for reference?
  • When a business event is documented, does it include a status and prioritization (as voiced by the stakeholders)?
  • When a business event is documented, does it represent correct and complete documentation of the response?
  • When a business event is documented, does it reference related use cases, if any?
  • Do the business use cases adhere to the prescribed guidelines? (Refer: Business Use Case Guide)
  • Are there any requirements that have not been clarified and expressed in verifiable terms? If so, describe when these requirements will be clarified in the comments column. 
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