Joint Application Development (JAD Sessions)

JAD sessions can be used for no. of reasons. Business Analysts or IT Beginners always wonder, what is JAD session? why is it given more importance?

In simple terms JAD is nothing more than “Meeting”. However outcome of this meeting has more value than any other meetings.

Final outcome of the JAD is, sum of all Decisions!

Some of them use JAD sessions, for collecting requirements in more efficient way, some of them to solve critical problems and provide solutions or for decision making, by the group.

But one thing is common here, during JAD sessions includes Key Players from Business and IT will be together & try to understand view of the business, problems, opportunities, and requirements, with the aim of Joint discussions a solution for these needs will developed.

Solutions to the problems may not happen in one sitting, series of JAD session my required, BA’s may need facilitate these JAD sessions on schedule basis sometime it is called as workshops; this helps to discuss and resolve the business needs and then develop solutions from IT prospective.

Each JAD session must have well-defined objectives, detailed agenda and guidelines – And do not forget to capture the meeting minutes. Meeting Minutes should contain all the decisions made by the group.

BA is a facilitator for JAD sessions: we should initiate the meeting with an Agenda items, revise previous JAD sessions, resolve conflicts if any, maintain focus of the session.

Last but not the least, BA should never contribute his or her opinions to the JAD sessions. BA should be very good listener rather than providing any inputs to the team, unless anyone questions you.

Every BA or facilitator should understand, JAD session enables Business and developers to quickly come with an agreement. For a successful JAD session I personally take care of following points:

  • Meeting Agenda and Objectives
  • List of “Right” participants from Product Owners or Users or Development team or Tester or or subject matter experts (SMEs) or any Key stakeholders, who can make instant decisions.
  • Ensure Key players are attending or accepted the meeting invitation (If you think they are busy in other meetings, do not hesitate to reschedule)
  • Allows team members to collectively share their views and listen to views of others, allowing easier brainstorming and quicker consensus.
  • Product Owners & Developers must work together in the development cycle to define the scope, requirements, and design questions.
  • At the end of each session, will run through the action items taken during the course of the meeting. Each item is assigned a due date and an owner.
  • Meeting Minutes should sent out to everyone on the participant list at the end of each day.

Where there is no Decision, there is no Progress! – So when you come out of JAD sessions you have to carry few Decisions made by your team.

Last modified on Thursday, 09 March 2017 17:59
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