Project Identification and Next Steps…

Project investigation is the first step in the strategic planning process. It is an activity in Project Management that is a repeatable process to document, validate, rank, and approve candidate projects.

Project identification usually proceeds Project Initiation, and should following points in mind.

  • Complete tasks simultaneously rather than sequentially
  • Assign lead or lag time to a task to work around scheduled resource limitations
  • Adjust the start and end times/dates of non-mission-critical tasks
  • Add resources to critical activities
  • Change the completion date of some of the requirements to a future release
  • Identify links between tasks
  • Identify dependencies
  • Remove the activity from the critical path

Business Requirements Approval 

At a minimum must include a Lead Business Analyst, Project Owner, Project Manager, one or more Functional Owners, and 1 or more Test/QC subject matter experts

Document Distribution List

Named individuals receiving the contents of this document for informational purposes and possibly to solicit feedback from; their formal acceptance is not required.

Reference Documents

Include any documents that should be referenced regarding these requirements here (project charter, any appendices, link to Document Management System, etc…)

Document Revision History

The initial draft of the document must start at version 0.01, and increment by .01 each time a revision is made. Once the draft version is approved and finalized, it will become version 1.0. Any additional revisions to the document (formal, approved change requests), will increment the version by .1 (i.e. 1.1, 1.2, etc.). Only a major rewrite of the document (such as a project scope change resulting in updates to the project charter itself) would result in incrementing the version to version 2.0, or 3.0, etc.)

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