Source of the Requirements for a Project?

Collecting and Assembling leads to a Product.

As a BA the most critical part is in gathering requirements (we should understand them very well from a Business User /stake holder point of view!!!) Reason: There might be a chance for the whole project to go in the wrong path due to wrong understanding of the Business users/ Stake holders’ needs and the gathered requirements created for the work following that step… i.e. going from A to C instead of going from A to B.

  • Business Users: are the individuals who work in organizations in different departments like Logistics, accounting, finance or Inventory in the company who wanted the software in Place for them to work on to help the Customers.
  • Stake Holders: Someone who is related to the Project? 2 types of People are involved:
    • Direct Stake holders: Business end users customers developers tech team.
    • Indirect stake holders: Management etc. The Project Manager responsibility (usually) identifies the stakeholders determine their needs and expectations and more important must manage and take their help for the project success.
  • SME’s: Are the Subject Matter Experts who know about that project and have in-depth knowledge about that software application used and that particular business domain knowledge. SME’s explain How the Stakeholders or Business Users want the application to be or appear to be for the Customers or Business Users

Collect Requirements as eating peanuts, just don’t stop, until Requirements are approved.

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