How to handle Tasks & Assignments ?

Tasks and Assignments are your daily tasks, don't get stressed when you see them. Before you accept any Task/Assignment from any other Managers, you need to confirm from your BOSS that you can take-up task or not? then plan your Tasks based on your manager’s priority and try to accomplish as scheduled.

You may not be part of all the meetings to catch-up all the assignments/tasks on decision making, I prefer to read all emails properly or twice, to be on track. If you have queries, try to get the answers immediately from respective SMEs or post the question in the meetings.

Be good to other teammates and maintain very good communication rapo… this helps for quick and good feedback from other Teams. Document the Requirements ask right question to the right people at right place; in order to accomplish the tasks/assignments.

Don’t forget to capture decisions made, from your Project Manager during other meetings. Try to identify GAP between the Business and IT, before anybody else found them. I strongly recommend not to make any assumptions or decisions by yourself, unless you get the approvals from the right stakeholders.

Though you are completed your assignments, try to circulate your final output for comments. Its a tricky, but be careful.

Never hesitate to promote yourself, as overloaded. 

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