How to run successful workshops?

For a successful workshop there are five segments to follow:

Namely: Planning, Preparing, Performing, Polishing and Publishing. Each segment is critical to the ultimate success of the workshop,

The planning segment:

  1. Generally lasts between two to eight hours depending on circumstances.
  2. The purpose planning segment is to determine the specific deliverables at the workshop will create.
  3. Create preliminary agenda for the workshop and pick the best available participants to attend.

The Prepare segment:

  1. Preparation consists of discussing the project with their peers, collecting relevant information for the project and most importantly, BA should try to capture as much information as we can from all the attendees.
  2. Attendees expected to participate full time in the workshop, as long as the workshop should last.

The perform segment:

  1. Mostly, Business Analyst is the facilitator to run the workshop, the facilitator is the public face in the front of the room.
  2. BA guides the group through the process and teaches any techniques: process modeling, problem analysis requirements prioritization etc which participants may not know.
  3. The facilitator who is BA is primarily responsible for the people side of the workshop translates the essence a flowing group discussions into well formulated requirement statements, user stories or in the form of an appropriate diagram, use case models process maps or data models etc.

The polishing segment:

  1. The primary purpose up the polishing segment is to find answers to the open questions, resolve the open issues and do the action items.
  2. In real time, most of the organizations use the increased understanding of the project to evaluate whether or not the project is really such a good idea or not.
  3. This is an excellent time to revisit the project charter goals, objectives and original estimates based on the new proposals, to see what they can do to increase the probability have a successful completion to the project.

The publishing segment:

  1. Is a final wrap-up meeting, ideally the same people who attended the workshop should be present.
  2. The primary purpose of the meeting is to give everyone an opportunity to report the status of the action items, finalize the draft of deliverables and draw on the momentum generated by the Workshop sessions to keep the project moving or cancel the project if that is the right course of action.
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