Requirement Gathering Workshops!

We’re going to talk about Requirement Gathering Workshops! following article will help you to understand

  1. What are the activities in workshop?
  2. How to run successful workshops?
  3. What do you get out of it?

Requirement Gathering Workshops! which is also called as Requirements Discovery and Analysis Workshop (RDAW) usually felicitated by Business Analyst or Project Manager under a variety of names such as:

  1. JAD – Joint Application Development
  2. JRP – Joint Requirement Planning
  3. JAR – Joint Application Requirements or any number of similar concepts.

All of these are approaches for rapidly defining the features, functions and requirements for a business solution, including in IT development and Production Support.

Workshop Activities includes:
  1. Defining and analyzing business problems
  2. Creating and Analyzing the business case
  3. Creating and analyzing business process models
  4. Creating and analyzing business data models and many others

To run successful workshops: There are five segments to follow, namely:

  1. Planning
  2. Preparing
  3. Performing
  4. Polishing and
  5. Publishing

Workshop Outcomes: 

Workshops delivers business and stakeholder requirements, business process models, and business data models that forms the core Business Requirements Definition/Document BRD. And for agile projects user stories and work items created with product backlog.
If getting the right requirements rapidly is important to you, workshops delivers.
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