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Generally BA roles and responsibilities seemed to have been underestimated in most of the projects I have worked.

I saw BA’s just carrying out duties assigned by their supervisors who lack BA expertise. This to my experience was leading to more frustration than the job performance and satisfaction to the BA. BA’s therefore, rather than being a creative contributor, were doing the job as a generalist.

I have also seen few projects where BA roles have been properly defined as they should be and been executed.

In both kinds of environment not only job satisfaction, but also the success rate of the project, looked higher in the latter.

Whether or the working environment is professionally suitable, there are different skills that a BA must have in order to be a successful performer. One of the greatest skills BA must have is, Collaboration.

Unity is strength… when there is collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved

Collaboration is a skill to interact with different team members without negatively impacting their work and get the information that BA needs. Collaboration is a key working principle a BA has to realize in the work.

As a liaison, it is BA’s responsibility to coordinate between different functional units and gather the information that either the business or the technical team needs. The challenge is that information doesn’t lie with one individual. And the need to provide information can come up any time. In order to gather information from cross functional team members, BA collaborates.

The lack of collaboration skills can be detrimental towards the job failure.

Good BA collaboration skills can include but not limited to the following elements:

  1. Flexible
  2. Organized
  3. Team player
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