Prior to Business Requirement Document (BRD)

Project Charter: Is the one of the most important documents on a project because it is essential for creating the project.

As it describes Scope of the project, exclusions of the projects, High level Requirements, Milestones, who are the Key stakeholders, Assumptions, any related projects, other projects which may impact due to this project & preliminary project budget. If you don’t have a charter, you don’t have an official project. This is one of the first ones performed after project has been officially announced.

Statement of Work (SOW): The SOW describes the project’s desired service or results. This will be supplied by the client; however, if the customer is your own organization, the project’s Sponsor/Owner should supply this. The essential of the SOW are that it includes what is to be done, the business reason of doing it, and how the project supports the organization’s strategy.

Business Case: Business Case explains why this project is being undertaken, the problem it will solve and the benefit cost analysis. Project can be undertaken for one of several reasons such as Business Need, Customer request, Technological updates, legal requirement or Return Investment (ROI), which should be explained in the business case.

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