What is Scope of the Project & How do you manage?

The scope of the project is what ultimately drives the execution of the project; 

Scope can be considered as deliverables or boundaries of the project, it can also be define the need to set stakeholder expectations, to deliver the expectations, to mange the changes, and to minimize surprises and gain acceptance of the project.

It is project manger’s responsibility to manage the scope, however Business Analyst should assist PM.

  • By gathering High level requirements for the project,
  • By defining and documenting the deliverables that are  a part of the product and project
  • Creating work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Ensure work is being done against the scope

Eventually, the project scope is used to level set amount the project’s stockholders. The project scope contains many details pertaining to the project and deliverables including goals of the project, requirements of the project, constraints, assumptions, and the identified risks related to the scope.

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