Importance of RACI Matrix

A RACI matrix helps to understand how each person in a project role is involved with each project activity.

  • R: Responsible – Who will actually be performing this task and takes over the responsibility for work done. (Ex: Business Analyst, Application Developer or Technical Architect.)
  • A: Accountable -The person who is accountable for completion of task or to oversee that the work gets done (Ex: Project Executive or Project Sponsor or Immediate Managers)
  • C: Contributing (or Consulted) – Who can provide the information needed to accomplish task? or  Consulted prior to a final decision or action    (Ex: Subject Matter Experts)
  • I: Informed-The people who are kept informed about progress and with whom there is one-way communication or Informed after decision making (Ex: People that are affected by the outcome of the tasks)

Steps to creating a RACI Matrix

  1. Identify all the tasks involved in delivering the project and list them.
  2. Identify all the project roles and list them.
  3. Identifying who has responsibility, accountability and who will be consulted and informed for each task.
  4. Ensure every task has a role responsible and a role accountable for it.
  5. No tasks should have more than one role accountable. Resolve any conflicts where there is more than one for a particular task.
  6. Share, discuss and agree the RACI Matrix with your stakeholders before your project starts.
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